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Sunday, May 21, 2017


OUT NOW: Ubuntu 17.04 Beta 2 & Flavours Now Available to...

Sneaking out alongside the main Ubuntu 17.04 Beta release are new beta builds from the rest of the Ubuntu family. Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Budgie and Xubuntu are among the spins taking...

Dev World

PowerShell is Microsoft’s latest open-source gift to developers

Microsoft just open-sourced PowerShell, making it available for both Linux and Mac. The command-line shell and scripting platform is just the latest open-source friendly...

Checked C: Open Source C Extention by Microsoft

Microsoft’s love for open-source community seems to be increasing day by day. After Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s declaration last year, proclaiming – “MICROSOFT ♥ LINUX” Microsoft has come forward...

Need help fixing a that thing?

May it be help to fix or to pitch a project, our forums are a good place to start with.


Haven’t deleted your Yahoo account yet?

Yahoo! is reminding folks that hackers broke into its systems, and learned how to forge its website's session cookies. That allowed the miscreants to...